Barcelona Flamenco Ballet: Luxuria

Friday, March 8 | 7:30 PM

Mizner Park Amphitheater

Directed by dancer and choreographer David Gutiérrez, Luxuria is a compelling tale of love and self-realization told through dance and music. 

The male protagonist has no difficulty attracting female attention, yet these women desire him for what he has, not for what he is. Awash in this contradiction, the man meets the love of his life, and it is love at first sight. Yet he quickly understands that loving her will not be easy, because she is a woman of character, rebellious, strong and independent. She seems to fly when she dances. What can he do? His urge to live in lust masks his true feelings. Only she can save him. 

Despair and tragedy. Desire and loneliness. Only flamenco could so powerfully embody all these emotions. How will it end?

Luxuria is a pioneering style of flamenco ballet, mixing classical music, jazz and conventional flamenco music in a uniquely beautiful and lyrical performance, yet one that is also tragic and rife with conflict. In short, Luxuria is a unique and unusual flamenco ballet show that taps into a rich variety and intensity of emotions, addressing themes both intimate and universal.


Main Dancers
David Gutierrez
Montserrat Martínez

Corps of ballet
Natalia Marina
Lucía Vicedo
María Bardolet
Judith Martín
Judit González

Rafael Bueno (voice)
Jordi Centeno (guitar)
Quim Modol (clarinet)
José Miguel Castaño (piano)
Arturo Cortés (percussion)

Gervasi Juan (light)
Marcos Prieto (sound)
Jaime Trancoso (road manager)



Artists & Authors

Barcelona Flamenco Ballet


Mizner Park Amphitheater

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Old is Always New

Over the centuries, flamenco has developed a complexity and richness that can be difficult to encapsulate, and certainly to explain. There are numerous styles (palos) of Flamenco music and dance, but what perhaps most sets it apart is its emotional intensity, the spontaneity of the dancers, and the way the singer interprets the words.

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