Renée Fleming: Music and Mind

Monday, March 4 | 7:00 PM

Mizner Park Amphitheater

Renée Fleming developed her Music and Mind program to explore the power of music and the arts as they relate to health and the brain. Since 2017, she has presented the program in over 50 cities across North America, Europe, and Asia. And now she brings it to Boca!

Music and Mind has covered everything from childhood development, cognitive neuroscience, evolution, music therapy and the impact on healthcare, the impact of music education, music and social cohesion, and the future of the arts in medicine.

Fleming, recently named a World Health Organization Goodwill Ambassador for Arts & Health, has interviewed experts from around the country and investigated the evolutionary role music may have played in creating community, as well as case studies and individual stories of how music has changed lives.

Join us for a powerful evening of discovery, as the world's top soprano shares the stage with leading local experts to discuss the amazing work happening at the intersection of arts, health, and neuroscience.

Renée's new anthology, Music and Mind: Harnessing the Arts for Health and Wellness, will be published by Viking Penguin Random House on April 9, 2024. Learn more at

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Renée Fleming


Mizner Park Amphitheater

In Depth Article

Your Mind Loves Music
December 27, 2023

That music affects our brains, mood, and emotions in often inexplicable ways is something we have known instinctively since the dawn of consciousness. But over the last few decades, advances in neuroscience, psychology, and brain science have been spurring symphonies of research and findings to help us understand the how and the why of it all.

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