"A Constitutional Feast every week..."

February 13, 2019 | Festival Boca

At a time when the media is awash in discussions of impeachment, emoluments and other complex constitutional issues, Jeffrey Rosen seems to be on every TV producer’s speed dial. In the past month along, he has appeared on major TV and radio shows talking about: whether there is a constitutional crisis looming; whether the president can declare a national emergency to build a wall; what the framers would think of the state of our democracy; when supreme court justices should recuse themselves; and what Madison might have to say about tweeting.
“We have a constitutional feast every week,” Rosen recently quipped.
A historian, speaker, CEO of the National Constitution Center, and professor at George Washington University Law School, Rosen is guaranteed to be at the center of America’s continued grappling with important constitutional issues. 
Indeed, the Chicago Tribune named Rosen one of the 10 best magazine journalists in America, and a reviewer for the Los Angeles Times called him “the nation’s most widely read and influential legal commentator.” 

Given the political and constitutional challenges our country faces, Rosen’s appearance at Festival Boca in March could not be more timely. His talk, titled “The Constitution in the 21st Century,” will be on Sunday, March 3, at 4 pm in the Cultural Arts Center
Reserve your seat for this important talk here, or reserve an All Authors Pass, which gets you into all six presentations, from Doris Kearns Goodwin to the Global Health Panel, from Robert Pinsky and David Sanger.

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