A Message from Boca Raton Council Member Robert S. Weinroth

November 16, 2017 | Alexandra

Sergio Mendes & Brasil 2017 at Mizner Park Amphitheater on March 12, 2017. CRA Chairman Scott Singer, Sergio Mendes, Mayor Susan Haynie, Council Member Robert S. Weinroth.

A Message from Boca Raton Council Member Robert S. Weinroth on the Festival’s significant impact on Arts in Palm Beach County

Art enables us to find ourselves at the same time as we temporarily lose ourselves. Arts bring a chance to inspire us, to have a broad look beyond the expected beliefs by ushering vibrant and exciting imagination while enjoying our creativity in a connected way.

In our city, arts play a vital role in creating community by bringing everyone together, no matter their politics or heritage. We are all are enjoined by the celebration of talent, diversity and traditions.

During the Annual Festival of Arts, we celebrate a twelve year tradition enriching the cultural quality of life in Boca Raton. Our community has embraced this annual festival with sell-out attendance and nostalgic expressions of praise for the eclectic offerings culminating in a night at the cinema with feature presentations accompanied by full orchestration. Suddenly the music is star rather than the actors on the screen.

Each year, the audience gets to experience a glimpse of famous writers and artists and enjoys a taste of their extraordinary talent.

In addition to providing a spectacular and unique experience for the audience, the Festivalplays a crucial role in promoting cultural arts education and nurturing of young talent through the students' exposure to accomplished artists.

The Festival sponsors are to be congratulated for the commitment to our city and for promoting the cultural heritage and traditions in the community with a side benefit of making a significant economic impact to the South Florida economy.

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