Laurie Santos: Psychology and the Good Life

Wednesday, March 4 | 7:00 PM

In 2018, Dr. Laurie Santos offered a class for Yale undergraduates called “Psychology and the Good Life.” It became a huge sensation, so much so that 25 percent of the student body signed up, making it the most popular class ever at this elite university.

The course focused both on positive psychology – the characteristics that allow humans to flourish – and behavioral change, or how to live by those lessons in real life. Santos will bring her teachings from that course, and from her popular online class, The Science of Well-Being, to this powerful talk.

A psychologist with deep experience studying the brains of humans, non-verbal primates, and canines, Santos is not just a gifted, award-winning scientist, she is also an engaging and thought-provoking speaker, which led her to be chosen as the featured speaker at a global TED talk.

This event is sold out.

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